12th Annual Goodlatte Golf Tournament


Hot Springs, VA – July 8-10, 2016:

Congressman Bob Goodlatte (VA) is a long-time supporter of PES and the H-2B program. It only felt right to show up in support of his 12th annual golf tournament at The Omni Homestead Resort. The Homestead is a 250 year old hotel that is tucked away far up in the hills and mountains of western Virginia. The hotel itself is older than our country. Founded 10 years before our country gained its Independence, this hotel has hosted many presidents including Teddy Roosevelt and George & Martha Washington. The hotel itself is immaculate and the craftsmanship is incredible; right down to the minute details.

The Homestead also happens to be one of PES’ clients and we process the staff that keeps this resort afloat. Most of the workers are from Jamaica and we had the privilege of meeting some of the workers we helped process; something we do not get to do very often.

This event was almost a vacation and it left the team in awe. The dinners hosted by the Congressman were more like feasts. We were surrounded by many friends, clients and new acquaintances. We had time to talk to other Congressmen about the H-2B program and got to introduce them to the workers themselves.

Congressman Lamar Smith, a new friend of PES, took a good chunk of time to get to know some of the workers and ask them questions about the guest worker program. Lamar Smith, someone who was on the fence about the program before, ended up laughing and joking with the workers and could not stop talking about how impressed he was. He invited PES to visit with him later in the week in his D.C. office on Capitol Hill.

Congressman Goodlatte was most grateful to have everyone attend and spoke with Veronica and Patrick about the program extensively. Patrick even got the privilege of playing some late-night pool with the Congressman and his staffers TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW.

Saturday was golf day. The golf course was incredibly beautiful. There were mountains, streams, old stone houses, and eagles skimming the tops of the trees. It was an amazing sight to see. The Cascades is one of the top 5 golf courses on the East Coast and we could see why. The scenery was unreal and it makes you realize how magnificent God really is. The entire trip was a blessing and the memories will last a lifetime.
Check out some of the pictures from our trip below: