Election Day 2016: The future of H-2B


Opinion: Patrick Wilson


Election Night 2016: What does this election mean for H-2B?

Many of you have realized by now that PES is very politically active. Our owner, Veronica Birkenstock, leads the way and has been involved in all aspects of politics throughout this election cycle. From local and state politics to the national level, she is on the forefront fighting for H-2B. In fact, she has been a member of the Trump Campaign for a good portion of this election and is in New York tonight attending the Trump watch party with the man himself.


It is no secret that Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump, supports and utilizes the H-2B program. He uses H-2B for his hotel properties and H-2A workers for his vineyards. He is a friend of the program and understands the importance of a legal way to supplement workforces for industries that have issues finding and retaining workers. If Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, the H-2B program will excel. The Returning Worker Exemption will be a thing of the past, the annual cap on visas will be increased, and employers who need this program will no longer have to fret about whether they will receive workers. Their businesses will be safe. The policies of Donald Trump would also take the idiocracy out of processing and would keep the DOL & USCIS in check. The past 8 years with the current administration has been some of the hardest in the program’s history. It is a wonder PES and its clients made it through unscathed.

On the other hand, you have Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Her policies include open borders and “legalizing” illegal immigration. Under a Clinton presidency, the H-2B program would either have a shelf-life or be completely eradicated. When you allow people to come into this country on a whim, you also dilute the job market- for Americans and legal guest workers. This would cause many problems associated with immigration, but visa programs would ultimately become obsolete. The main issue with Hillary Clinton’s policies (whether she means it or not) smolder in the fact that an open border policy is not only bad for our country, but it is bad for small business owners, seasonal business owners, guest workers, and American employees alike. Everyone is at risk under her proposed policies and PES will not allow this to happen without putting up a fight.

Bearing all of this in mind, you may understand the preferences of our company a bit better and realize that this is a life or death situation, in terms of business. Tonight is Election Night and the entire world has their eyes fixed upon America. What will happen, nobody knows. No matter who you voted for, we all have one common goal and that is to save small business. Whether you are a worker or an employer, a Trump presidency would take the burdens out of the H-2B program and would benefit everyone in the long run.

Now, we await the results.