Unfortunately, we have been forced to postpone the H-2B Fly-In until 3/21. There is a nasty winter storm heading right for the Northeast and there are reports of up to a foot of snow falling on Tuesday. Early forecasts showed the storm missing D.C., but over the weekend things have evolved and it looks like we would be directly in the path. Mother Nature has other plans for us and everything happens for a reason! Washington has gotten (maybe) 3 inches of snow the entire season and on Tuesday (of all days) they are expecting a blizzard. Our advisors and a handful of Congressional Reps suggested we move it out one week at the last minute.


The good news is that we will now have more time to schedule appointments with those representatives that have not responded and we will be able to beef up attendance. Hopefully, we will be able to change some of the meetings to be at a time when the Congressmen/women have more open schedules. Please re-schedule hotels and flights for Monday 3/20 – there should be no issues or fees with doing so, considering this is an act of God and we are not in control of the reasoning behind the postponement. We are terribly sorry for the mass inconvenience and we hope to have an ever better event planned for you on 3/21!


We will be scheduling a conference call later this week to discuss more details about the postponement and will keep you posted. Thank you for all of your support and we sincerely pray that your schedule will allow you to participate on Tuesday March 21st. Please use this extra week to invite more of your friends that utilize H-2B and try to reach out to your individual Representatives to see if they would like to meet with us, if we have not done so already. We now have the chance to make this an even bigger & better event. For further details, please contact your host H-2B provider and they will help you with any questions.


If you were unable to make the Fly-In on 3/14, we strongly advise that you try to make it on 3/21 now that we have more time. If this is the case, please contact Patrick Wilson: Pwilson@PESUSA.com


We are looking forward to 3/21! A minor setback, but for the better.