Hurricane Matthew Upgraded to CAT 4: Destruction Iminent

Category 4 Hurricane Matthew barrels towards FL & E. Coast


Hurricane Matthew is quickly approaching Florida and was downgraded to a Category 3 (120mph winds) on Wednesday night. Early Thursday morning, Matthew was upgraded to a Category 4 (130 mph winds)- overnight. One projection shows the Hurricane slamming the east coast and doubling back again, striking Florida a second time. FL Governor Rick Scott had an urgent message to his citizens: “Evacuate, Evacuate, Evacuate. This storm will kill you”. The National Guard has been brought into Florida and neighboring states have all imposed evacuation notices. Already, 2 million people have retreated inland away from the coastal regions. Disney Land has been closed and gas stations and grocery stores are drying up. 108 people have been pronounced dead in Haiti, thus far. The evacuation throughout the East, has been called the largest evacuation since Hurrican Sandy.

PES urges anyone who may be affected by Hurrican Matthew to please listen to all recommendations from state and local government. If you are anywhere near the coast, please evacuate and move inland. Our prayers are with clients, workers, family and freinds. We wish everyone safe travels and ask that you contact our office at any time if you need assistance. We will not heisitate to help.





” Matthew slammed Haiti, Cuba and most of the Bahamas these past few days, leaving torrential rain and flooding in its path. It’s unclear how many people have died, but initial reports have the count at five in Haiti and four in the Dominican Republic, according to the Washington Post

Matthew is currently moving northwest at 12 mph (19 km/h), and is expected to strengthen, regaining its Category 4 status as it reaches Florida, the NHC said. Hurricane-force winds extend 40 miles (65 kilometers) from its center, and tropical-storm-force winds extend up to 160 miles (260 km) from its center, the NRC reported.

There may, however, be good news for the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. Forecast models now show that after Hurricane Matthew reaches the Carolinas, it may head east into the Atlantic Ocean, sparing the northern states, according to NHC graphics and a report from The Weather Channel.”

For more information visit: NASA Hurricane Center