Hurricane Matthew, Currently Category 4

As Hurricane Matthew approaches, PES would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to our customers and workers in the path of the storm. Curently, category 4 Hurricane Matthew is hammering Haiti with high winds, heavy rains and surge flooding. This is expected to continue throughout Tuesday. Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas are also in danger.  Matthew is expected to slam the southeastern coast of the U.S. sometime this weekend and the threat for the Northeast is uncertain. Large swells, coastal flooding, beach erosion and damaging winds are to be expected.

The storm track suggests the following schedule:

  • Haiti/Dominican Republic: Through Tuesday
  • Eastern Cuba: Late Tuesday through early Wednesday
  • Southeast & central Bahamas: Tuesday night through early Thursday
  • Northwest Bahamas: Wednesday night through Thursday night



Matthew is expected to still be a formidable hurricane through at least its journey near or over the Southeast into the weekend. If the eye of Matthew is close enough to shore, hurricane-force winds from the eyewall would occur. That is becoming an increasing possibility from eastern Florida to the Carolinas.

That being said, please stay safe and take precaution! If you need our assistance in evacuation- arranging busses, getting hotel rooms inland, etc.- please contact our office immediately. All workers should take their passports, i-94 cards, medicine and a list of emergency contacts.