NALP “Day on the Hill”


Washington D.C., July 12th, 2016-

On July 12th, members of the Practical Employee Solutions team traveled to D.C. to participate in the National Association of Landscaping Professionals’ (NALP) “Day on the Hill”. This annual event seeks to raise awareness for the Landscaping and H-2B Visa industries by speaking with Congressional members about the importance of each in terms of local economies and small business. PES was a proud sponsor of the event and hosted an immaculate breakfast before attendees left for Capitol Hill.

Our friends at the NALP put on a wonderful event which gives small businesses a voice and allows them to speak with their Congressmen about the need for policy reform regarding guest workers and landscaping. Issues ranged from H-2B guest worker reform, to landscaping needs and even pollinator security (saving the bees). The turnout was excellent and many friends were in attendance; some old and some newly acquired.

On our journey, we had some incredible experiences. The mood was positive and the atmosphere was fun. Feedback from Congress was nothing more than we could have asked for. All of our contacts were supportive and guaranteed that they understand the issues and will continue to fight for the H-2B program paralleled to the landscaping industry.

A few notable meeting were with Congressman Pete Sessions and with Congressman Lamar Smith. Pete Sessions’ office was one of the most fun congressional meetings our team had ever experienced. From nicknames, to photo-ops and even a joke filled conversation with the staff and crew. Our meeting with Lamar Smith was a bit last minute but we had just spent the weekend with him at the Goodlatte golf tournament and he made it a point to leave his prosecution of United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, so he could speak with us about the H-2B program briefly. Both Congressman are now friends of PES and friends of the program along with many others that we got acquainted with.

Overall, the trip was a success for PES and for the NALP and the inter-industrial relationships that keep the H-2B program alive are stronger than ever. Check out some of our pictures from the trip below: