Fair Bluff Trump Event: An Interview with Veronica Birkenstock



Saturday, Veronica will be attending the Fair Bluff Republican Stumping where she will be representing Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump. As you may know, Veronica is part of Trump Victory’s Labor Transition Task Force (created by NJ Governor Chris Christie) and the Campaign Finance Committee. She will be speaking at the event and advocating on behalf of Mr. Trump and rumor has it that Don Jr. and his father will be calling into the event and speaking with attendees. Read her interview below:


Former Columbus County resident Veronica Birkenstock, pictured with Ivanka Trump, will represent Donald Trump at the political stumping in Fair Bluff Saturday.


Trump surrogate to attend Fair Bluff stumping Saturday



A surrogate for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who has local ties will appear Saturday at the 26th Fair Bluff Political Appreciation Stumping at the National Guard Armory. Veronica Turbeville-Strickland Birkenstock also said that one of Trump’s sons will be calling into the stumping and that there is a chance that someone at the stumping will be flown to New York City to attend a debate-watching party with Trump’s family Monday night when he and Democrat Hillary Clinton have their first televised debate.


Birkenstock grew up in neighboring Horry County, has lived in Columbus County, and now lives in Dallas, Texas. She has become highly involved in Trump’s campaign and when stumping co-sponsor Chuck Stanley invited Trump to attend, the campaign responded that the candidate could not do so but that Birkenstock will appear on his behalf.


Birkenstock said Wednesday that either Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump will make a telephone call to the stumping hosts to wish them well Saturday but that the call probably will not be aired on the event’s public address system.


She conceded that one of her reasons for attending is that she’ll be trying to raise money for the Trump campaign and said that if she can get $25,000 in pledges, then someone at the Fair Bluff stumping will be flown to New York to be with Trump’s family during Monday’s debate. She did not say how that person would be selected.


Birkenstock said she has close ties with the Trump family, particularly Donald Trump Jr.


The stumping, which began in 1990, has been held almost every year ever since its inception. Statewide and local candidates have long considered it a must stop on the campaign trail and several statewide candidates are expected at the event, which begins at the Fair Bluff National Guard Armory at 6:30 p.m.


Before speeches by candidates begin, attendees will enjoy musical entertainment and food. The event is free to the public.




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