The 2017 H2B program cap will be reached for the second half of the year within the next few weeks.  Many H2B employers, perhaps as many as half, will not be able to employ their vitally-needed H2B workers this year unless Congress enacts cap relief.


President Trump relies on both the H2A and H2B programs to provide seasonal workers to some of his companies.  We know he supports the H2B program and could, if he chose, tell Congress he supports cap relief.   The challenge in the past has been getting to the President to ask for his active involvement in cap relief.


Last week President Trump announced a new White House comment line where operators can take your messages from 9 AM to 4PM EST during the regular M-F work week.  President Trump obviously values the opinions of real Americans more than he does Washington DC politicians.  We need to swamp the White House phone line with one message:  We need immediate H2B cap relief!


The White House comment line phone number is (202) 456-1111


Here are some talking points you can use:


  • H2B is Hire Americans First. I would never use the costly and burdensome H-2B program if I could hire reliable U.S. workers. I find some — but not enough! —  who are willing to take the hard, hot seasonal jobs. My regular U.S. workers’ jobs will be in jeopardy if I cannot hire H2B workers to supplement any shortfall of US workers.
  • (If you supported Mr. Trump) As a small business owner I supported Mr. Trump enthusiastically during the campaign. I know that he understands the costs of running a business and how difficult it is to find legal seasonal workers which is why several of his properties use the H2B program.
  • The H2 programs are completely consistent with the President’s immigration policies.  You should reward, not penalize, employers who are trying to do the right thing and hire Americans first and legal workers later.
  • The H-2B visa program is a solution to our illegal immigration crisis, not part of the problem. My workers come to get the job done then return home. The same workers return to my business year after year. I pay premium wages.  My competitors on the other hand rely on illegal labor who they pay under the table.
  • I cannot stress enough what a crisis this is. I employ [X] number of people and contribute significantly to the local economy. If I do not get my workers, my entire business will be in jeopardy.
  • Trump’s H2A vineyard workers are not in jeopardy; the H2A program isn’t capped.  His reliance on H2B workers for Mar-A-Lago and other resort properties is secure since his H2B workers arrive before the cap ever hits.  President Trump will get his workers – I’m asking him to help me get mine.
  • A recent study by the CATO Institute proves that H-2B has no role in the increase of illegal immigration. The study actually shows the opposite; H-2B workers decrease illegal immigration numbers. H-2B is THE REAL GUEST WORKER PROGRAM!



What to ask for:  I am urging that the President contact Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and ask that the H2B program cap be lifted!  We must SAVE H-2B.


Thank you for all you continue to do. We cannot let up on Congress and the White House. With your help, we will win this fight!  If you need to know who your Congressperson and Senators are and how to contact them, call your case manager.